$8 hotdog

“I tremble at the prospect of living a trivial, self-serving, comfortable, middle-class, ordinary, untroubled American life.” (John Piper)

doesn’t it seem inexplicable to you that we, as followers of christ, can go on auto-pilot, hunker down, and spend our whole lives here in america making more and more money, buying newer cars, eating out, mowing our yards, taking the kids to practice, painting our houses, going on vacations, and otherwise living what piper calls a “comfortable, middle-class, ordinary, untroubled American life” without any strategic, sacrificial, christ-exalting effort to address the suffering in this world? 

maybe the following video will help bring this a little closer to home as it addresses the tension between $8 hot dogs and children dying every fifteen seconds because they lack access to clean water. think about it the next time you open up your wallet or the next time you look at your son or daughter. i know i will.


~ by david on April 25, 2008.

One Response to “$8 hotdog”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. My heart has been aching more and more lately regarding this same issue! Especially this last week when we heard that the orphanage where our adopted daughter was living just 8 months ago was running very low on food and gas for the stoves (and my kids here are complaining that I don’t have their “favorite” cereal in the pantry! How trivial!).
    Wake up America! Wake up people! There’s more to life!!

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