today was our first day with just one car. it feels so liberating to see that empty space in our garage! (more on that in another post.) this morning, shannon, ainsley, and griffin chauffered me to the bus stop with no problems at all. in fact, ainsley and griffin love the short drive because along the way there are always lots of school buses that they love to see and point out – “bus! bus!” (see my wife’s post on our family site for more on that). so, this morning everything went just fine.  

this afternoon, however, something very interesting happened. as i was standing at my bus stop at work waiting to head home, i could not believe what i saw right in front of me, scribbled in graffiti on a utility box (i took out my camera phone and took these pics):

that’s right, it reads, “buy a new car.” wow! i could not believe it!! what more can i write about that?!

but don’t worry…i’m still riding the bus and we’re still sticking with one car!


~ by david on May 15, 2008.

One Response to “temptation”

  1. so funny! glad you resisted the temptation! i posted on my blog about your site and many of my friends visited…but then they left a comment on my site instead of yours! so i just wanted you to know that your words and your actions have touched many people’s hearts…which will hopefully lead to change! to God be the glory….

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