where is your treasure?

we’re in hard economic times but the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel is alive and well. and it may be more of a lure for some of us than we even realize, especially here in america. where is your treasure? where is your hope? what are you hoping in (1 peter 3:15)? an economic recovery? or are you hoping in something infinitely more valuable – namely that christ would be glorified in us in the midst of suffering (not big suffering for most of us) and  magnified as the supreme treasure of our lives.  supreme above our 401(k) portfolios, above our health, above our house, our car, our children…our lives.

the following “corrective tract for the prosperity gospel” was recently posted on the desiring god blog. and i think it gets at the heart of what the gospel call really is (mark 8:34-36) – and it’s not an invitation to a life of leisure and comfort and prosperity while ignoring the suffering and spiritual famine all around us as we just coast through life on auto-pilot, which is the default setting for most of our hearts and minds.


let the video clip below awaken us afresh and anew to the dangers of the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel – in any form – especially during these challenging economic times. 


~ by david on April 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “where is your treasure?”

  1. This is an awesome reminder. I’m reminded of what Paul said, “I want to know CHRIST… and the power of HIs sufferings.” I wonder what all that means and how far I am from that heartcry!

    John Piper is one of my favorite authors!

  2. […] for the windex a few months ago i posted about the prosperity gospel. here’s a quote on that topic from a book i am reading: “Like a dirty window, the […]

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