there IS such a thing as a stupid question

Stupid Questions_How Jesus Made Disciples

Jesus didn’t waste time with stupid questions

Question: How many angels dance on the head of a pin?

Answer: Who cares?

Though Jesus allows questions from his disciples, he doesn’t follow the pattern so common today that says “there is no such thing as a stupid question.” In fact, there definitely is such thing as a stupid question.

What should I know?

People want stupid questions answered because it makes them feel better, or it gives them a sense of power. We want to know the answer to every question, and we are quite uncomfortable with ambiguities. Both the Pharisees and the disciples ask questions that don’t have meaningful answers, and Jesus often replies to them by answering a different question that does have a meaningful answer. The questioners probably felt like they were receiving an insincere answer—but they forgot who it was talking to them. They are not God and therefore should be saying, “I’m not worthy to know what to ask—what should I know?”

The Pharisees try to to trick Jesus by giving him difficult quandaries, like with the woman caught in adultery, or the Jews accusing him of lying about coming from heaven. Jesus sidesteps these questions and points to the accusers’ sin, Jesus’ righteousness, and the Father’s sovereign hand.

(from the Resurgence and the series of reflections on how Jesus made disciples, based on the book of John.)


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